Cognition Rites in a Muzzy Well

This well was one of the important stages of initiation into the Order, after the passage of which, a new member of the Masonic Lodge got the recognition.

In the bowels of the mountain, at a depth of 30 meters there is a mysterious well, which consists of several layers of spiral galleries with carved columns. Each of 9 levels has 15 steps. These levels symbolize the nine circles of hell, purgatory and paradise, described by Dante in the "Divine Comedy". A man walking down a mystical well goes through the ritual of soul noesis.

Gloomy, moss-covered walls of the strange structures carry tourists to the times of the Knights Templar. At the bottom of the well there is a compass showing the direction to the east, to the light and the sun.

Everyone who walks down the steps into the depth of the fantastic well feels like a pioneer of the underworld. The entrance to the Initiation Well is guarded by the underworld guards. Near the entrance is a terrace protected by towers ziggurats.

Scientists, researchers of anomalous zones, experts studying the wonders of nature and the unique creations of the human mind has not yet come to one conclusions about the purpose of this structure. Only the knowledge of the history, mythology, philosophies, perhaps someday will raise the veil of secrecy over the origin of the Initiation Well.