Gigantic Salt Mine Salina Turda

It is said that breathing salty moist air in mines is very useful for lungs, so people are happy to come there for the whole day, not only to become healthier, but also to chat with friends, play something like table tennis or billiards, and just have fun.

Unlike many of other mines, where the process of descent with an organized group occurs in special cable car or by bus, in Salina everywhere you go on foot. When entering the mine, first you walk through a long corridor and then finally get to the upper level of the main hall. Hall in size is huge and unusual lighting makes it look not like a salt mine, but rather a place of filming a sci-fi movie.

Downstairs there is a full stadium, where you can play both football and tennis. There is also a small amphitheater with a retractable screen, projector and sound system and it is possible to rent the entire mine for any events - celebrations, ceremonies, weddings, graduations and other.

The temperature in the mine is 10-12 degrees all year round, so it is a good place to hide from summer heat, to play, communicate, relax, read a newspaper or do homework.