Interesting and Mysterious Woodland

If you attach imaginary strings to the tree trunks you will get a real "harp". Interestingly, from the ground the trunk is straight and at 20 cm height it suddenly bents in a hook. Moreover, the curvature of the trees is oriented to the north. After bending the tree trunk forms a beautiful arc and gradually levels up again. 400 strange conifers on a relatively small area is incredible scenery.

The most unusual places on the planet, including the Crooked Forest in Poland which takes its rightful place, beckon explorers - enthusiasts who are trying to unravel the secrets of the origin of anomalies. The mystery of the curvature of the pines has not yet been solved.

Some researchers believe that the pine forest was planted in the years of 1930-1934. The Germans, who at that time lived on these lands, may have conducted secret experiments here. But there is no documentary evidence.

Also, they say that in the early 20th century masters were trying to have the possibility to get ready-made curved wood, this material is ideal for use in shipbuilding and furniture production.

Another interesting version is that the breeder from Gryfino decided to grow a unique forest in which it is impossible to get lost, because all the pine trees face the same direction - to the north. Human fantasy knows no boundaries, so this version also has the right to live.