Magic Show in the Mysterious Dark Kingdom

These strange creatures stay in the larval stage for more than half of the life. They weave catching nets that hang from the ceiling of the cave. These long strings glow in the dark and attract unsuspecting insects. This cave is not an anomalous zone; it is the kingdom of beauty that can absorb some of the bugs and spiders caught in a shimmering cold space. Scientists believe that the brighter the light is, the more a firefly wants to catch a prey.

In prehistoric times the North Island of New Zealand was part of the ocean floor. Gradually, from the skeletons of fish and marine organisms, the remnants of corals and shells formed a layer of limestone, the thickness of which reached nearly 200 meters. Water erosion dissolved these formations and gradually formed a huge space, which eventually became the Waitomo Caves.

Natural complex has three levels. Vertical shaft, the depth of which is 16 meters, connects the mysterious grottos and halls. They are decorated with fanciful stalactites and stalagmites. Limestone formations are very different in shapes and hang from the vaults like frozen waterfalls or rise up as sharp spires. Great Hall of the third level of the cave called the "Cathedral" invites guests to enjoy the enchanting music performed by beautiful orchestra. The illusion of the sky combined with the sounds of music in the huge cave makes a trip like a fantastic underworld adventure.